Rumour: Microsoft Could Bring Games to Competing Consoles

Every single day, the internet springs to life with a billion rumours often from someone sitting on a toilet taking a shit and ferociously typing away on their phone. But sometimes these rumours spread to news sites which means there maybe some truth to it. Or easy clicks from creating an article on it. 

Over the weekend one such rumour did just that. Apparently, Microsoft is going to be making one of its exclusive games multiplatform. And I don’t mean by sending it to PC because obviously it’s already there. It’s also a game that was in talks to be GOTY when it released. So we can comfortably rule out Redfall and Starfield.

It does of course make one ask, what game it could be. Hi-Fi Rush is one that comes to mind for most people, but that’s likely because last year it’s the only game Xbox released that could have been a contender for GOTY. The only other title that I can think of would be something like Flight Simulator, but that’s now being superseded by a newer game in which a year will be added to the title and probably a heap more DLC but otherwise be the same. Last time I checked, Minesweeper was not a GOTY contender when it launched so that’s annoying. 

Sega of Thieves has also been thrown into the mix as everyone has just kinda started shouting random shit now. I’m surprised Halo hasn’t popped up yet. 

Remember this isn’t the first time Microsoft has had exclusive games go to competitor consoles. Both Ori games went to the Nintendo Switch and we have had both Quake and the Quake II remasters shadow drop on all three platforms.

So there you have it. An article about a rumour that may or may not even become true. News is fun. 

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