Rockstar Games Thinks it Owns the Letter “R”

First Elon Musk resurrects his fantasy over the letter X when he renames Twitter only to discover everyone laughed and continued to use the name Twitter. Now Rockstar has a fantasy over the letter R as it takes Remedy Games to court over the use of the letter in their logo. 

Now, I’m no lawyer, but if I was I’d be doing all kinds of shit like this for companies even if I know I’m going to lose just so I can make easy money. 

Remember when Remedy made those Max Payne games that were published by Rockstar? And remember how Remedy and Rockstar announced the first two were being remade? Boy, did that relationship turn sour fast. 

Can you tell the difference between the two logos? Are you, as a gamer, going to be so confused that you’ll mistake Alan Wake 2 for GTA VI? I sure did. 

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