TopSpin 2K25 Announced

Tennis is a sport that is played between two people and sometimes four. The object is to simply hit a small ball backwards and forwards across the court and make real loud obnoxious sounds, until someone either misses the ball or screws up getting it back. 

It’s a great invention of a sports video game that has since gone on to spawn real life iterations, most notably Wimbledon where rich people pay to watch even richer people scream like having an orgasm while hitting a ball across the grass over a net and hoping to injure each other. 

Today, news of a tennis gaming series was coming back, excited a great few people. Then it dawned that it wasn’t the excellent Sega arcade series Virtua Tennis. Instead we get 2K Sports TopSpin 2K25. 

Fun fact that’s not so fun: 2K Sports was initially conceived by Sega for the Dreamcast so they would not have to pay EA to have their games on the console. Interesting to note EA were a major importance in Sega’s success with the Mega Drive. So things obviously went to shit in that friendship. 

It has been thirteen years since 2K released that last TopSpin. But, again, no one noticed because we were all wanting that Sega arcade action. But alas, looks like simulation is the way forward.

Get ready to keep your credit card at hand as you pay to do everything from buying new balls every time you need a new one, every time you are fined for smashing your racquet or screaming at the kid in the audience for having wonky eyes. Also for every time you run out of petrol on your way to the match. Also for when you need to do the next line of… that thing you probably do to liven up playing tennis. 

Nothing much has been shared but expect it to come to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. Maybe Switch 2 if that gets revealed anytime soon. 

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