Mini Review: Halo Infinite

In the run up to the whole next generation, the big game Microsoft was pushing like it’s the biggest franchise in the world and would surely make billions of people, millions of whom aren’t even gamers, go out and buy the next generation of Xbox consoles or spend a few thousand on a new gaming PC, was called Halo Infinite. 

Halo Infinite was supposed to be the big launch game for the Xbox Series X/S consoles just like old times. Microsoft even went ahead and produced millions of boxes for the next generation Xbox with Halo Infinite all over it, as part of the anticipation for the billions who are going to buy it. 

However, things didn’t quite work out as Microsoft planned. During a presentation on Halo Infinite just months before the console was set to launch, it kinda… got a shit tonne of people laughing at what they saw. It was so embarrassing, Microsoft ditched the whole day one release for extra time development. Halo Infinite ended up launching a whole year later. And how was the game?

The best way to describe Halo Infinite is play anything else, other than COD or Battlefield or Battlefront. It’s just shit. I’m surprised anyone continued to play it after downloading it and looking at the menu screen. Good thing Microsoft had it as part of Game Pass so clever people didn’t waste money on this game. 

Well, that ten year plan seems to be going really well. Let’s count how many months Halo Infinite has left.

1/10 – There’s nothing to say but crying through tears of distraught. 

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