Developers Already Working on Games For Switch Successor

Rumours on the next console from Nintendo keep swirling round and round and round the internet. It’s obvious it’s happening. It’s just when. Again, most likely timeframe is the reveal will be this year and the release will also be this year. So, basically it’s this year. Look at the games coming out from Nintendo. All but one or two are remasters and remakes. Keep new titles coming to the current system from small side teams or outsourced. Then get the big teams and big partners to focus on launch games for the next console. Don’t understand why people are too stupid to understand this. 

Anyway, apparently there’s already developers working on games for the next Nintendo console. Thats the Switch 2, or whatever word or letter or alien symbol Nintendo slaps on while laughing in the money pit. 

A GDC “State of the Games Industry” report apparently suggests that 8% from 3000 surveyed developers are working on games for the Switch 2. 

That really means nothing and brings up lots of questions such as do they have a dev kit? Are they actively developing the game or just in preparation stages? Do they know anything about the Switch 2 or is this game based on rumours and hopes? Have they broken any NDA? Are they indie developers or working for a studio? Do they know where I put my blu-ray player remote? Is it always sunny in Philadelphia? Is it a wonderful life? What is over the rainbow? What’s the frequency Kenneth? Do they believe they put a man on the moon? Are they indeed shiny happy people? Do they walk like an Egyptian? Is it always a manic Monday? Have they ever lived on a yellow submarine? What’s it like to live in strawberry fields forever?

There’s other details that came from the same report but I’m saving that for other articles so I can make it look like I’m doing more than I real am. I learned to split these things up from other sites. 

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