Mini Review: The Best Game in the World… Ever!

Every once and a while, a game releases that’s so amazing, so mind blowing in original crafting and passion that it really makes every other game to ever come out in the existence of time and space and the things beyond time and space. 

This game is no exception. Now, I’m sure everyone has been in that situation where they just can’t get the answer to a certain equation by counting fingers. And if only there was a way of doing that on some kind of machine that you can carry around with you or stick on your desk at work. 

Behold the greatest idea ever to come into existence. Calculator! No one has ever come up with a greater game! And it’s available on the Nintendo Switch! 

Whenever you feel the need to determine that answer to 16 + 8 or 12 x 2, just whip out your Nintendo Switch and boot it up!

This is a serious must have for everyone who has a love for numbers!

10/10 – I bless the rains down in Africa!

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