Hellblade 2 Gets Release Date

Hellblade was a massive success from at the time indie studio Ninja Theory. Then they sold themselves to Microsoft and they have after… I forget how long, but they have given Hellblade 2 a release date. So, yay?

Apparently, the sequel which I cleverly worked out from the number two in the game’s title, will be coming to Xbox and PC on 21st May 2024. It’s also supposed to be approximately the same length as the first game. So that means you can finish this game in between seven and ten hours. And this is available to only buy digitally and it’ll be full price. Definitely best to sign up to Game Pass, download it, play it, delete it and never think of it again. From the point of view that it’s a one and done game, not the story which I’m sure will be deep and meaningful or something. I really don’t know. I kinda saw a squirrel outside when watching the trailer. So probably missed something. 

At least there’s a few Xbox games coming out this year which should be good. Or at least better than last year. Remember last year? Remember the hype behind Redfall?

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