Is GTA VI Coming to Switch?

Okay here’s another real easy to create article all about Rockstar Games and the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series, which we know is officially called GTA VI. 

For some reason it has been going around on a lot of sites about whether or not GTA VI will or won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch or Switch 2, assuming that’s the name of the successor console. 

So let me try and take as much time answering these questions as possible. You know, just to make the article look longer and more interesting than it actually is. 

Will GTA VI come to the Nintendo Switch? No. That’s the answer. What more would you expect? We are talking about a game designed for current generation of hardware so it can’t be that surprising. I mean, Rockstar haven’t even bothered porting GTA V to the Switch and that initially released on the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. There’s no way in hell that GTA VI could even run on the Switch. It’s really simple. I don’t know why everyone is writing such stupid articles about it. 

So, how about the Switch 2? The answer is again no. This game is clearly not coming to the PS4 or Xbox One which is somewhere in the ballpark of what the Switch 2 is expected to be in terms of hardware. I mean, yeah the rumours are that third party developers saw some version of the Unreal 5 Matrix tech demo running on the Switch 2… but I don’t believe that for a moment. So I fully expect there to be no GTA VI on this console either. 

And with that I have answered both questions and the article ends. 

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