Everything We Know About The Elder Scrolls VI

This is everything we know about Elder Scrolls VI, the next game in the franchise called Elder Scrolls by Bethesda which is now owned by Microsoft. This seems like an easy but pointless article to write. I doubt I’ll remember it exists in like a day or two so no it won’t be updated. And let’s be real, this game isn’t coming out for years so all those sites doing the same thing will be reposting nothing until… Probably the next generation of consoles comes out. 

Okay let’s do this!

Elder Scrolls VI is the sixth mainline game in the Elder Scrolls series. 

The last game in the Elder Scrolls series was Skyrim. 

The game that came before Skyrim was called Oblivion. It first launched on Xbox 360 and then at some point later in time, the PS3. That’s how old this game is. 

The Elder Scrolls VI is not the full name. That has not yet been revealed. 

The next entry in the Elder Scrolls series will be coming to Xbox and PC. It’s likely but not yet known that it’ll launch on next generation consoles as it’s so far out. It will almost certainly not be coming to the PlayStation consoles now Bethesda are owned by Microsoft. 

After the somewhat “meh” reception towards Starfield, you’d hope Bethesda would take note that maybe their engine is in need of drastic changes. And by that I mean ditching. But it ain’t happening. 

There will be NPCs in towns and villages. Maybe a city or two or three or more. 

You will be able to interact with various NPC. Dialogue will often be one of five pieces, randomly selected like all Bethesda games unless the NPC is part of a quest. 

You can fight with swords and magic. Other weapons will also be available. 

You can travel. This can be done on foot and probably horses too. Most likely horses too. 

Fast travel will be most likely a thing. 

Bethesda will not care about initial quality as mods will be expected to make the game decent after five to ten years. 

Todd Howard will say something about game. 

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