Everything We Know About Project 007

After rebooting the Hitman franchise, then going independent from previous owner Square Enix, IO Interactive released two more incredibly successful Hitman games. I don’t know what they did, or whom came to whom, but somehow IO Interactive managed to get a license to kill… no, wait that’s not right. 

Though nothing has been shown about Project 007 from IO Interactive, here’s everything we know about Project 007 from IO Interactive. 

Project 007 is a brand new video game. 

IO Interactive are the developers behind Project 007. 

007 is the agent number of James Bond. 

James Bond is a fictional character. 

It will release at some point in the future, unless it doesn’t. 

Assuming Project 007 has a release, expect it on whatever consoles Sony and Microsoft have on the market, as well as PC. It may but unlikely will, come to whatever Nintendo console is on the market. 

We know nothing about Project 007. 

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