What Did We Learn From the First GTA VI Trailer?

Wow that was some ride huh? I mean a trip to your supermarket to purchase all the food you need to keep you from going hungry is just the most satisfying thing you can ever do in life. Way more thrilling than an orgasm with what ever person you stupidly felt was “the one” and have convinced yourself they’ll be with you to the day you die. Nope, supermarket shopping at increasingly expensive prices with increasingly smaller items is the most utopian way of living. 

Anyway, Rockstar crapped the bed and slammed their head into the keyboard last night, resulting in the first trailer for GTA VI going live well over twelve hours early. Apparently the trailer leaked so they just cried in bed and then screamed at the top of their lungs “What’s going on?” And with a “Hey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey” went ahead and just made it official. 

So let’s look at what was shown. The trailer is linked below so you don’t need to read, just watch. 

First there are cars. This game has cars. And sidewalks. This game has both cars and sidewalks. And pedestrians. This game has cars, sidewalks and pedestrians.

Look at all that grass. It’s green!

There is clearly a much greater diversity in the types of areas you can now go and explore, not just a city in the middle of a never ending ocean. Oh look, birdies!

It also has buildings. Lots of buildings. Buildings are typically made of bricks, concrete and glass as some examples of the materials. However, looking closely we can see that in GTA VI, the buildings seem to be constructed from polygons and texture mapping. You can obviously enter some buildings as there is a scene shown in a nightclub. Best be early to mid 90s UK rave music!

There is a sky which we did expect. It also has a day and night cycle which, again we did expect. But what we didn’t expect was that there was a dusk. I just assumed it was an immediate thing. Technology is amazing. 

The water in the ocean looks absolutely amazing. However, what we don’t know is whether the government has considered allowing the dumping of sewage into it. There a lot of easy money right there and if they go ahead, it’ll be a fantastic spot to dump it. 

Social media looks set to make a big presence in the game. That means you can now spend every waking moment staring at it in both real life and in game. Double the fun!

There will be a prison. We know this because it’s shown and at some point, you’ll be inside that prison. Assume missions will take place in the prison. Also it may well be either the start or early on in the game. Kinda like The Blues Brothers. 

The two playable characters seem to be based on two of the nicest people you could ever meet – Bonnie & Clyde. It’s a pity how they died. Dunno why it happened. 

The overall trailer was evidently trying to give off the 80s vibe found in Vice City in both the music used and the logo itself. I’m sure Rockstar are well aware how important the original Vice City was to the success of the franchise and how many people want to see more of that 80s feeling. 

Lastly this game is coming out in 2025. The clue was at the end when the numbers 2 0 2 and 5  next to each other. It’s a riddle, but we are pretty sure it represents a year. 

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