What Could Nintendo Call the Switch Successor?

I have seen other sites make throw away articles for everything they can think of, because it beats journalism. So here’s an article about the names that Nintendo could use for the Switch successor. 

Switch 2
Switch Next
Switch Advance
Super Switch
NG Switch
Switch NG
Switch NX
Switch Master Race
Mega Switch
Master Switch
Dreamcast Switch
Switch Saturn
Switch 64
Switch Switch
New Switch
Switch Pro Formula for Your Hair
Switch Moisturiser 
Switch Up
Any of You Forking Pricks Move, and I’ll Execute Every Motherforking Last One of Ya!
Total Switch
1 2 Switch
That’s a Penis
Switch It
Big N
Mario Mario
Luigi Mario
Princess Peach
Princess Grace Kelly
Switch Cary Grant
Switch James Stewart
Switch Phil Silvers
Sir Switch
Dame Switch
Bob Hoskins Switch
Flinstones, Meet the Flinstones, They’re the Modern Stone Age Family. From the Town of Bedrock, They’re a Page Right Out of History. When You’re With the Flinstones, Have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo Time, A Dabba-Doo Time, We’ll Have a Gay Old Time

And many, many more. 

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