Rockstar Announces First Trailer For Next Grand Theft Auto

Woah mother forkers, Rockstar have announced that the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto  will be releasing on Tuesday 5th December. That’s literally several days away. People thought it couldn’t happen and that there is no way a sequel to the fifth though actually it seventh game in a multi billion dollar franchise. And that’s if you don’t include the Grand Theft Auto London as separate titles, because they kinda are on the PlayStation. That’s the original PlayStation also known as PSX or PS1 or PS One. But nope, Rockstar did the unthinkable, they went ahead and straight up develop a whole new in the Grand Theft Auto franchise!

Now hang on, how do we know this is Grand Theft Auto I hear you ask? Well, the clue comes in the deciphering of the code in the tweet. Yes I’m still calling it a tweet. You see Rockstar say it’s the first trailer for the next GTA game. You take the first letter of each word Grand (G) Theft (T) Auto (A) and you shorten them to just spell out the three letters in a row. The word you get is GTA. GTA is in their tweet. That means GTA must be Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto is the game Rockstar have teased by saying it’s the game being shown in the trailer. Impressive. 

So why am I going into such lengths to talk absolutely crap about a trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game? Well it’s because there’s nothing to say. Rockstar are releasing the first trailer on Tuesday 5th December. That’s it. Any website writing up a long article just to say this are desperate for clicks and interactions. 

But just to be fair, here’s some other details you may want to know. The trailer is the first of at least one more for what is almost certainly going to be called GTA 6 or more likely GTA VI. It’s pretty damn certainly set in Vice City but unlike the PS2 game, it’ll take place in modern times with modern music and stuff. Also there will of course be multiple protagonists to play as just like in GTA V however it seems, as far as we know from rumours, that there’ll only be two. One is a male and for the first time, the other is a female. Maybe a third will be revealed during the trailers but  now this is what we can reasonably expect. 

The time the first trailer goes live for the next Grand Theft Auto game will be 9am ET. But for those in the United Kingdom that’s 2pm GMT and in Europe that’s in the future of us in the United Kingdom by up to two hours. So either 3pm CET or 4pm EET. 

Is there anything else to say? Probably. But I’m gonna write about the trailer when it finally releases. Though I doubt I’ll say much. Just more crap to make the article look exciting and long. In truth, the first trailer will be just setting up the basics that show some of the city and the protagonists but likely nothing much more. It’s to excite you, not show much. Future trailers will be where they really show things off in depth. 

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