Everything We Know About the Next Grand Theft Auto

The first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto is to be released tomorrow, at some point in the 24 hours of the day. The exact timing will be different depending on where in the world you live. That’s because the world is split up into time zones. Basically everyone outside the United Kingdom is either ahead or behind in time. We are zero, the real time in which the sun, solar system, the Milky Way and everything else gravitates towards.

So with all this said, what do we know about the next Grand Theft Auto game? Let’s take a look.

The game will be developed by Rockstar on an international scale, with all studios working on it. Rockstar North will be the lead developer as always with mainline Grand Theft Auto titles. 

It will have at least one playable character. Rumours are that there will be once again be multiple just like GTA V. However, whether there are three or perhaps more is unknown. One of the playable characters is going to be female. This is the first time in the mainline series that you take control of a female. 

The game will, almost certainly be set in at least one city. That city is Vice City which is based around Miami. It will also be set in the modern day just like GTA IV and GTA V.

There will be buildings. Many, many buildings. Some will be single storey while others will be multiple. They will therefore be of different heights, lengths and designs. Some will include shops which you can enter. Some will be accessible for other reasons such as missions or perhaps a place to live, change outfits etc. 

There will be land. The land will be not flat. There’s likely to be hills. These would be of different heights. 

There will be water, in the form of an ocean encircling the island that the city is on. There will be other bodies of water such as at least one swimming pool, somewhere. Probably a back garden. 

There will be a sky. The sky will have a night and day cycle. It will also have weather. 

There will be trees, bushes and grass. 

There will be radio stations playing different genres of music, mostly modern. However a flashback station dedicated to Vice City music isn’t out the question. One will be a talk radio station. There will be humorous advertisements. 

There will be an online mode which will rake in millions every month through shark cards and other incentives to fleas people of their money. 

The game will be available to buy in one form or another. It will launch on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with PC either same day or later down the road. Previous generation owners may have to go without depending on Rockstar’s development process. 

There will be a release date that won’t be known until it is revealed or leaked one way or another. 

The game is a game. It is therefore a game. 

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