Details About TGA 2023

Oi Oi! It’s that time of year again when we all bow and worship the ground that Geoff Keighley walks upon. That’s right it’s E3 2023… oh. I got that wrong. No one worships Geoff Keighley. But it is definitely E3 week!… oh. Sorry I got that wrong too. It’s nothing important at all. Just The Game Awards. Damn. Now I’m sad. 

The Game Awards is a great event where everyone gets to be nice to one another, celebrate all the great games that released and recognise it doesn’t matter what console you game on, it’s all great… oh for forks sake, the gaming community are so damn toxic! Well at least The Game Awards will be entertaining for the awards that will surely be the majority of the three hour long event. 

Actually, again as always, that’s wrong. Nobody watches for the awards. It’s all about the damn trailers. Now I’m not saying it’s going to have any great games revealed. I mean, unless you get a full on hard on from mobile games. And probably some crappy movie or TV show based on a game franchise. 

So when does this snore fest starring his lordship Geoff Keighley actually happen? No one really cares as anyone with a brain cell just waits for when it’s over and just look up the trailers. But should you have a wish to go full depression, The Game Awards will be taking place on Thursday 7th December on YouTube and Twitch. It starts at 7:30pm ET, though it actually starts 12:30am GMT on Friday 8th December if you live in the United Kingdom. And holy crap it’s even later if you live in Europe. So why would you want to go through such torture instead of sleeping? Work the next day will likely see you sacked for whatever sleep deprived behaviour you get up to. 

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