What Is The Worst Ever Video Game?

What is the worst game ever? That is an impossible question to answer, so any website that gives you a definitive answer are pure shit and should be banished for all eternity. Or, just that article. But for anyone doing a worst game ever article probably are clearly doing any old shite for easy clicks… oh wait. 

Well, as I have already said, there is no single answer to what the worst ever game is. That’s because it’s all about personal opinion and as time goes by, those opinions change. Sometimes new people come along and create easy YouTube videos or written articles to jump on this bandwagon discussion. Sometimes it’s because a new game releases that makes everyone rethink that question. The biggest problem is however, with the age digital downloads, it’s really impossible to know what the true worst game is. Almost every game that gets released goes unnoticed. There’s no filters to what gets released on either the Switch or Steam and while both PlayStation and Xbox certainly limit the crap you see at the top of their online stores, it’s still there. You just have to really dig to find it. 

There are some games that everyone likes to talk about as being the truly worst ever game to release. I guess I should kinda talk about some of them just to make this a worthwhile article to write. And, it makes it look like I actually give a shit when in reality I don’t. It’s just something I can shove up on this site. 


Not called Superman 64. It’s just called Superman. But it did release for the N64. People just assume that it has 64 in the title. I guess because most games did on that console. There seems to be a number of different versions of accounts that caused Superman to be such a bad game upon release, and I’m sure I have seen different interviews with Eric Caen who was one of the founders of Titus Interactive who seemed to change his story as to what happened. The reason I believe was that Warner Bros basically screwed Titus over forcing changes throughout. However this doesn’t explain why the cancelled but nearly completed PS1 Superman game is a million times better. So, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just better to accept it’s a shit game and move on. 


What do you get when you spend millions on the license of a massive Spielberg movie, give the task of creating a game to one man, and make him develop it from start to finish in a matter of weeks? You get a game that was such a big disaster, although not initially, the entirety of the internet would forever believe it single-handedly destroyed the entire North American games industry. Somehow. But just how bad is the game? Well, to tell you the truth, I want to know why you care so much? It came out in 1982 for the Atari 2600. Are you really ever going to play this? No, of course not. There’s much better games on better consoles to whittle away your worthless hours. Moron. 


No. They don’t. What an incredibly stupid observation to make and then call a game. No wonder it released on the 3DO… Oh… Oh no… Oh no!!… It’s a bad bad game looking at all this information I found online. And I shall forever withhold the details I know about why it’s bad. You shall never hear the dark depths of which this game goes to be so bad. So, begone! Go and choose another source for your nasty, nasty deeds!


It’s a game that is only remembered because it was a Sega Mega CD release and for some fucked up reason was considered too violent. I can understand the other game which was used during that whole trial in the US, which was Mortal Kombat. But Night Trap!? Really? Judging by the short video clips I’ve seen, I doubt anyone involved had ever played a game before. And they’re probably mostly dead now so it doesn’t matter what they think. 

Saying all that, it is a shit game. But its a FMV game so of course it’s crap. They all are. 


In an age prior to the internet where most parents didn’t know the first thing about video games, buying a kid Action 52 may have sounded like a sweet birthday present. Or they may have been punishing his or her very existence for ruining their lives and hoped that buying Action 52 would somehow internally scar the kid for life in such a way they’d end up living on the streets, or worse still, becoming a politician. Who knows why it was brought. But it is an incredibly bad collection of games. All programmed by those who knew little about development for the NES in an age before the engines and tools available today. Produced in a real short timeframe with practically no budget and you can understand why the games are nearly all unplayable. 

It truly could be the nearest of the list I could be bothered to write about which is actually the worst of all time. Impressive. 

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