Everybody 1-2 Switch!

Update: Oh My!… What the hell was that trailer/gameplay video Nintendo uploaded earlier this week? It’s just embarrassing! No wonder Nintendo felt the need to shadow drop the initial announcement. It’s just bad. So bad, they didn’t even do a second trailer for the Direct.

Original: So that was really random wasn’t it!? Nintendo aren’t unknown in their random tweet shadow drops when it comes to announcing first party games. But this one certainly did come out of nowhere, like a sucker punch to the face only you are likely walking away without bruises or a broken jaw. That’s unless the announcement really got to you at a time when you were walking down a street and you just randomly walked into a total stranger as you tried to get your head around what the hell is happening. 

So several days ago, Nintendo did just that. They shadow dropped a totally random game that I’m pretty sure no one was asking for… or actually wanted. It’s the sequel to a game that came out on launch day of the Switch all the way back in 2017. Everybody 1-2 Switch seems to be a collection of mini games just like the previous instalment, only now your smartphone is also going to be used. Oh, and there’s a horse man type creature from your nightmares too. So that’s neat. 

What’s interesting about this shadow drop is not just that it happened randomly on a Friday, but that there’s quite literally no screenshots or trailers. Just a picture which we stole and used for this article. Yep, that’s all they wanted to say. Other than the price and release date for end of June. 

Everybody 1-2 Switch was rumoured to have existed about 2 years ago but was apparently shelved in the deepest depths of Nintendo’s dungeons because it was so crap, nobody at Nintendo wanted the world to witness the terrifying sights. At the time I think we all laughed at the thought and the rumours. But deep down inside, we all secretly knew the horrors were true and it could be thrown at us at any moment. And that moment has come ladies and gentlemen. 

So, in closing, there’s really nothing to say about it’s likely going to be bad and we all should try and avoid spending money on it. Unless Nintendo surprises us and somehow it’s the most amazing party game ever. Or they put a mind control message in the trailer whenever it launches. 

Im sure this opinion piece will be updated as and when more is revealed. Can. Not. Wait. Said no one.

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