Capcom Showcase 2023

I admittedly don’t know much about Capcom as in the games they release. It’s one area I’m really not too knowledgeable on. So this is probably going to be a short piece followed by a longer piece after the event next week, at which point I’ll realise I actually do know more about Capcom it’s just most of it slips from my mind. Like, constantly. And I don’t know why. Especially as Ubisoft seems to be much easier for me to write about and I rarely care about their game offerings. Huh. Weird. 

Anyway, let’s just say the obvious. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is totally 100% going to be shown and in much more detail than there was at the PlayStation Showcase. It’s going to be, I think, Capcom’s biggest reveal. Not that it’s actually a reveal because it’s already been revealed. So, yeah again my knowledge on this franchise isn’t great so I’ll have to write more about it after the event. 

Next up, I do wonder if there’ll be any announcements on something Resident Evil? DLC for the remake of Resident Evil 4 is a good possibility but so too is also the chance of announcing the next instalment which would likely be that of Resident Evil 9. Capcom have been knocking these games out pretty frequently. And why wouldn’t they? It’s kind of what saved Capcom a few years back and the sales do seem to be getting better and better with each new release. 

Now to crash and burn all your dreams of happiness. There’ll be no new Dino Crisis games. And now you’re crying. 

Ace Attorney or something in that franchise, is certainly a good possibility. There’s plenty of games that can easily be slapped together in a new trilogy for both consoles and mobile. Better yet, new games would definitely be a joy to see. They’re relatively cheap to produce when compared to what else Capcom publishes. 

What I would really like to see is a new Capcom Arcade Stadium because I love arcade games, and you can be sure to see a lot of articles about arcade games going up on this site over coming weeks and months and hopefully years. 

Street Fighter 6 launched just recently so I definitely think it’ll feature in some way during the Capcom Showcase. Fighting games are an area I have next to zero interest in so I don’t really know, or personally care, what they cover but I’m assuming it’ll be DLC characters or something along those lines. 

Could we see some reboot or new entries in some old Capcom IPs? Sure, it’s happened before. Mega Man seems to have found new love at Capcom so there’s a chance something with that franchise could be shown. Same with Ghouls & Ghosts or Ghosts & Goblins or whichever the franchise is actually called. Think it maybe the latter of the two I mentioned. There have been a few games in that franchise over the years so I can definitely imagine Capcom revealing something new. 

Anyway, I’ll be certainly doing another article once Capcom have aired their Capcom Showcase next week.

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