Gearbox Reveals Borderlands Remaster

Earlier this week, Gearbox teased a suspicious pixelated image on Twitter that seemed to get a lot of people excited that perhaps either the first or second Borderlands game was heading to the Nintendo Switch.

Today, in addition to the reveal of the Borderlands 3 trailer, Gearbox also announced that the first game in the series was also to be receiving a remaster and it is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. So it does appear that no version of the first or second game will be heading to the Switch after all.

The Borderlands remaster, which has been given the name Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, will be launching very soon, in fact it is as soon as next week on 3rd April 2019 – the same day we are expected to discover further details about the next entry in the series through the official Borderlands website.

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