CoffeeBiz Tycoon Receives Alpha 2 Update

If you are a fan of tycoon style games then you may be interested in CoffeeBiz Tycoon from indie developer TheSociopathSoftware. This isometric tycoon game sees the players begin with a coffee kiosk and slowly expand their business by brewing, hiring, dealing with competitors and establishing a well known brand.

Today, TheSociopathSoftware has announced the release of alpha 2 for CoffeeBiz Tycoon, and this is what the update does:

  • The game now has two new locations to run a coffee business from. These are an industrial where your customers are blue collar workers, and a neighbourhood with an extremely good attitude to coffee businesses.
  • The marketing has been given an updated, allowing for a more realistic demand simulation as well as poor, casual and rich customer stratification implementation.
  • With employees, the energy, performance and mood have all been reworked as well as a new stamina skill being implemented.
  • An update to the office and management system now sees it working as intended.
  • There are also new industrial type coffee machines for late game strategies.

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